Detox At Cellular Level


Toxic substances like drug residue, pesticides, tar in seafood, and dioxin in meat, dairy foods, and shellfish, and carbon monoxide in the air harm our health. They get stored in bones, liver, and fat cells, causing fatigue, drug dependence, weakening of immune and kidney function, thyroid problems, and respiratory health.

When we get exposed to these chemicals, we feel run down. Cleansing them out of our system is the best. 

Cell Detox made with sophisticated extraction technology effortlessly flushes down artificial substances. It breaks down harmful, addictive substance at cellular level. 

Stay HerbCiti and enjoy peace of mind. 

Proven. Effective. Safe.

Cell-Activating Immuno-modulator


Do you catch cold frequently and feel tired all day? We want our immunity to be not low or too strong but balanced and well-modulated. Well-modulated immunity is designed to protect our body from pathogens. 

Preclinical data shows Immunies activates, strengthens, and proliferates immune cells like monocytes, lymphocytes, and antibodies which relieve inflammations. 

Immunies is also proven to increase cell viability and performs anti-bacterial activity like Salmonella, Micrococcus, and Staphyrococcus, and Shigella. HerbCiti’s advanced extraction technology makes the most effective formula. 

Protect health of you and your loved ones with Immunies. Stay HerbCiti, stay vibrant. 

Feel The Difference

Feel the change. HerbCiti formulas are third-party tested and developed with science-backed, cell-activating, premium-quality ingredients.

Customers Reviews

My husband possibly had a long COVID with months of fatigue, cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath. He could barely walk. After two weeks of taking Immunies, he is back to normal.
Liz J.

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I had kidney infection. The pain was really bad. Even the antibiotics didn't help much. After taking Nephricare, the pain from kidney infection was almost gone in about 40 mins. I took about 10 capsules three times a day since the pain was intense. I took more for the next three days just in case. Thank God I didn't feel the pain anymore.
Melanie J.

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